Solving employee problems
before they happen
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“Scott is the first author who has taken the power and impact of Emotional Intelligence in the workplace and made it tangible and relevant. His straight-forward style strips away this facet of our behavior as theory, and gives you tools and examples of how to incorporate it into all you do regardless of your role or organizational level. It is a book that will be in my HR toolbox going forward !!”
“Practical, relatable, easy to adopt, remember, and use. This book explains our struggles with communication and provides the tools that are proven to work from the shop floor to the board room. Whether you are looking to focus on your own team or your entire organization, the secrets are here.”
“Scott makes a home run with the art of mastering Verbal Jeet and Emotional Intelligence in his book Solve Employee Problems Before They Start!  An entertaining read that is down-to-earth with practical advice that can be used in any communication setting whether personal or business.”
“Scott takes a very different approach to emotional intelligence as the foundation to resolving conflicts before they start. He introduces truly breakthrough concepts supported with neuroscience and made practical with methodologies, such as ‘Verbal Jeet’, that are thoughtful and simple and produces results I have personally witnessed at organizational and individual levels.”
“I have been attending Scott's human resources training classes for the past several years. The classes are second to none and the class materials are incredibly helpful reference guides that I refer to often. It is so exciting to now also have a book on conflict resolution from Scott to add to my collection of important human resources materials. This wonderful book is a 'must' for anyone who works with people, in other words, nearly all of us! Whether you are a director, a manager, a supervisor, an employee, or you have multiple roles, this book will be like a guide or road map and will help you to effectively deal with difficult personalities and conflict not only in the workplace, but in your life's journey as a whole. In doing so, this book will help to bring out the best in yourself and in those around you.”